Our mission is to provide medical transcription services of the highest professional standard to our customers and in doing so contribute to the quality and efficiency of the health care industry.   

Our relations with customers and employees will represent the highest  standards of integrity and honesty, clearly communicating methods for protection of confidentiality, quality of transcription, turnaround time and billing practices including definable and verifiable units of measurement.

When partnering with SmartMed, whether you are a customer or an employee, you accept the challenge of being part of a very specialized team representing the highest professional standards in the medical transcription industry.

Since 1981, SmartMed has provided innovative and cost-reducing solutions for customers.  We provide medical transcription services for health information management, radiology, pathology, emergency rooms, physician offices, and clinics throughout the United States. Loyal customers and long-term employees have proven to be a vital part of the company's ongoing success.

SmartMed has continuously explored innovative solutions to become more productive, accurate, and cost efficient through our internet-based platform, which have been driven from the needs and requirements of doctors, administrators, and transcriptionists.

We hear the lament of medical transcription providers questioning healthcare reform, afraid of the changes taking place in our industry. At SmartMed we are not worried, we are challenged; we are not intimidated, we are empowered. There remains a strong need for quality, responsible transcription providers able to keep pace with technology while never forgetting to honor customer and employee commitment.

Thank you for your interest in SmartMed, LP.

Our vision is to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional competence in the medical transcription industry.  

In essence, our only vision is to be the best.  We will work harder, we will do more, we will provide the best technology, the best service and the best environment in which employees can work and customers are serviced.

2012 © SmartMed, LP          

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